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In 1983, I established my company Green Yarn in Trelleborg, a city located in the south of Sweden. In 1984, I expanded the company to include designing of fashion items, Green Design, when realising that I could not find the designs I was looking for. My skills as a yarn designer were essentially developed at Köpenhamns Tillskärarakademi (Copenhagen Cutter Academy). I do most of the fashion items available from outline (sketch) to final articles.

I also style the models wearing Green Design's fashion items before the photo sessions, performed by a professional photographer. You might have seen Green Design's fashion items in some of the Scandinavian fashion magazines since about 1000 items have been displayed in these magazines. Very important to mention is that Green Design's descriptions are easy to understand and always involve quality yarn. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for among my fashion items.

Once again, you are very welcome to Green Design!

Carin Green
Östergatan 5
231 44 Trelleborg

Phone +46 (0)410 232 78

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